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What is Your Money Vision?

Every great producer and achiever had something important that they wanted to accomplish.  I think of stories of hundreds of entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to serve people and make something easier where they saw other people struggling, and have turned a 7+ figure profit in their business as a result.

Your money story is just the same: to get extraordinary results, you need an extraordinary vision.

There’s three limits to financial vision that I see taking people off the rails of reaching what’s possible in their life:

Over-emphasis on needs

If you follow a typical financial planning conversation, you’ll notice that the entire discussion centers around what you need.  What you need to live in retirement, what you need to get by, what you need to live on now…

First of all, with respect to unknown inflation and taxation, unpredictable interest rates, increased propensity to consume, and an unknown lifespan, how are you possibly supposed to know what you need?

Secondly, you are tremendously more valuable than the minimum that you need to survive.  When is the last time that you ate just ramen so you wouldn’t starve, had a closet with only one shirt and one pair of pants, breathed only one breath per minute, or communicated with the minimum utterance of sound from your vocal chords?

You don’t live fully by shrinking to the minimum that you need.  And everywhere you focus on just what you need, you’ll continue to play small.

Creating a vision that you can see how to complete

We so often make our dreams and our vision limited to what we can see how to create from our current vantage point.  If we don’t see that we have a skill or enough money to do something, we chalk it up to naïve dreaming and good intentions.

To life a full life, you have to expand your capabilities and your possibilities.

And your capacity to expand is not limited by your skill, but by your vision.

Unless your vision of what you want to create in the world exceeds your current abilities and vantage point, you’ll never have that thrill of strengthening your abilities in order to reach it.

The truth is, your current skills and monetary resources don’t have the capacity to limit you.  The only true limit is the one you place on yourself.

And every limitation can be transcended only by the person who has a vision to see past it.

Traveling to the moon will only become a reality for you if it is your vision.  Climbing Mt. Everest is only something that those who dream of will do.  And living a rich life won’t happen unless you have a vision for what you want to create as a result.

Making your vision about consumption

No amount of hoping and praying for luxurious, extravagant, expensive, and elaborate things will produce a rich and satisfying life, because those expenses aren’t about creation – they’re about consumption.  And consumption isn’t a vision.

If your money vision is just about nicer things, your insatiable desire for stuff will defeat your ability to create real wealth, because your desires will inflate to consume everything you produce.

If you jump the hurdles of all of these three common limits, you’re on your way to creating wealth.  The way to change your money story into the impetus for an extraordinary life is to get exceptionally clear on what you want to create in the world, how it feels, how it improves life for other people, how it serves.

Here’s part of my money vision that I hope will become yours as well:

Wealth creation is noble and desirable, because it means that I have produced remarkable value for other people, and served my fellow man well.

I am creating a lasting legacy for my children, on down through the generations, that is more than money, and includes the lessons that I’ve learned for how to be a successful contributor.  And this doesn’t provide money to be consumed just because someone is born into my lineage, but money that is able to be used as seed capital for my descendants to start businesses that will serve people.  And in order to have access to the resources, they must apply themselves, expand their skillset, hire mentors and coaches, read books, develop their knowledge, and know that their venture is a worthy, contributing, and profitable endeavor.  This isn’t entitlement that gives the ends for them to squander, but empowerment that gives the means and a leg up to becoming the producer who creates the ends for themselves.

With my extraordinary wealth, I am able to solve world problems, finance educational programs that teach and expand the consciousness of others, from all walks of life, to become producers, and create their vision.

My family is able to adventure together and build extraordinary experiences and rich memories, and expand our learning and understanding from all parts of the globe.  And we are able to take this learning to expand ourselves and better teach and inspire those we serve.

My children are able to spend their time in production, not consumed with working because they have to provide for themselves, but working because they are applying themselves to creating more meaning in the world, fulfilling their soul purpose, and using their skills and abilities to serve others. 

With an extraordinary vision, you become an extraordinary person who is capable of exceeding the limits and rising to meet the true potential of your life.

  • What’s your money vision?
  • How does it serve others?
  • Is it great enough to compel you to become a better version of yourself to create it?

To your extraordinary life!


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