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Sneak Peak of our First Podcast Recording

We’ve just recorded the first podcast!

Last Wednesday, Bruce and I recorded the first two episodes of The Money Advantage Podcast.

We’re so excited to be able to share them with you soon!

While we wait for the episode to go live, here’s a behind-the-scenes, sneak peek preview of what we talked about:

FIRST PODCAST:  How It All Began

We’ll tell you the story of how we met, and why we’ve continued to build a collaborative relationship, even though we’re across state lines, different companies, different levels of experience, and different generations.

You’ll hear why we believe the power of collaboration is stronger than competition.

We’ll talk about how we’re coming together to help you as a business owner, not only have your money working most effectively for you but how optimizing and maximizing your money allows you to live out a joyful, abundant, purpose-filled life that you don’t feel the need to retire from, but where you are able to enjoy and get energy from while you continue to contribute.

I’ve learned so much from him, and I’m excited to be able to share that with you!

SECOND PODCAST: The Shifting Mindset

Bruce shares his story about his life experience as the child of German immigrants, working long hours in his dad’s gas station.  He started a business as a freshman in high school, transitioning from the mindset of an employee to a business owner.  After a scary health crisis at age 25, he faced his own mortality.  After being told to never embarrass people by asking about their money, he now helps people work through their emotional response to money.

You’ll hear about the fabric of his life story that has led Bruce to become the giver that he is today with a keen ability to add value to his clients’ lives.

You may personally identify with some of the experiences, questions, and shifts in his mindset.

You’ll Get a FREE Tool with Each Episode.

In the spirit of giving, we love giving free tools and resources that will help you expand your capabilities.

We give away a free tool on each of the episodes.  Make sure you listen to the first podcast all the way to the end to get it.

I’d like to give away a FREE tool right now.

We want to help you keep and control more of your money in every way.

Financing is one area that is fraught with ways money flows out of your control.

One way we can help you change and keep more of your money is to lower your payments.

If you’re looking to refinance or take out a personal or business loan, you’ll likely have your personal credit backing the loan.

Understanding and making improvements to your personal credit score will help you qualify more quickly, with better terms.  Lower interest rates and longer terms will both lower your monthly payments.  This keeps more dollars in your pocket every month as you repay the loan.

Get your FREE guide to improving your personal credit by texting “credit1” to 44-222.  We’ll send you Credit Mastery: Why a Great Credit Score is A Ticket to Cash Flow, and How to Make It Happen.

When you get your Credit Mastery Guide, you’ll automatically be notified when we’ve launched the podcast.  That way, you won’t miss anything.

You can also go directly to themoneyadvantage.com and ask us to alert you when we’ve launched.

If you would like to contribute your questions, thoughts, or ideas so that we can discuss them in future episodes, please email us at hello@themoneyadvantage.com.

We’re so excited to have you on this journey with us.

I cannot wait for you to hear the first episode!


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Rachel empowers her clients to maximize and control their money so that they can accomplish their dreams and live out their highest purpose. She believes that if you understand the short and long-term impacts of the financial choices you make, you’re better suited to make choices that put you in control of your resources. She helps you discover money flowing out of your control, strategize ways to have more money flowing into your control so that the end result is that you have more money to retain and utilize during your lifetime, and more to pass on to future generations.


Without Giving up Access to Cash