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Is piling up heaps of cash leaving you tired and sweaty? The simple way to turn your money into gnomes that do the work instead.

Most people only dream of being financially free.

However, most people can’t even define what that actually means.  And it causes them to be working for the wrong goals, for the wrong reasons, in the wrong way, and never get there.

When you think of economic independence, you think of being able to live your dreams, have more than enough money left over, be able to give money away, and have the freedom to live a life that you love.

The typical way is to spend a ton of energy piling up a cash mountain.

We’ve been told by the financial industry and by our history and the people around us that we need to save away money, get a higher rate of return on that money, and get our net worth to a certain level, so that someday, we’ll have enough in our nest egg to drain off the interest and live until our life expectancy.

But in reality, it’s not really working out that way for most people.  People are having to work longer, delay retirement, reduce their standard of living in retirement, just to make everything work out.

And even if you have enough money, there are so many things that can cheapen, shrink, or steal your money that you’ve spent all your energy heaping up.

Inflation makes your dollars worth less when you get there.

If we are in a lower interest rate environment, then your nest egg isn’t producing enough, you have to take smaller distributions to make sure that it lasts.

Or what if your need for income is higher than you predicted, or what if you live longer?

There are so many things that are eroding our confidence in our ability to achieve financial freedom and independence by doing it the typical way.

So let me ask you, do you really want a lump sum of money, or do you want what it does for you?

When you’re working hard and getting sweaty, you feel like you have to delay, scrimp and save, and take on higher risk to hit “your number,” it’s all completely backwards.

What you really want is cash flow in the future.  You’re not looking for a cash mountain.  You want streams of income that are coming to you on an ongoing basis.

In order to get streams of income into the future, you need to have cash-flowing assets.

This is a completely different paradigm of investing, because most people are thinking that they will just put money in the stock market, have someone else manage it, and at the end, we’ll just push the button like a vending machine, and out will come their financial freedom.

You need to take active ownership and invest in what you know and control.

How do you develop your ability to invest in those assets in the first place?

Your financial position should include a tremendous opportunity fund.  This is money that is available for you to deploy when you’ve found the opportunity that meets your investor DNA and your criteria.

All assets are generating cash flow for someone, they are putting money in someone’s control and stewardship, and it’s benefiting someone.  It’s just usually not the passive investor.

So when you’re passively investing, odds are, someone else is getting the use and control of your money.

You want to be the one with the use and control of your money.  So that you are actively investing in assets that produce cash flow for you and not just for the banks and financial institutions.

So, backing it up one step further, how do you get the opportunity fund?  How do you generate a large pool of capital that you have so that you can use?

To do this, you need cash flow today.

Cash flow today means that you have a greater gap between your income and expenses.  So you’re either making more money and spending the same, or you’re making the same, and spending less.  Somehow, you’re widening that gap and directing the surplus into an opportunity fund that you control, so that you can invest for cash flow in investments that you control.

This paradigm is what really accomplishes financial freedom.

So just forget about what everyone else is doing.  They’re not getting where you want to go anyways.

If you want that extraordinary life, take control back into your hands, stop trusting someone else with your money, and take ownership of your life.

That is how you get money working for you, so you don’t have to work so hard.


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Rachel empowers her clients to maximize and control their money so that they can accomplish their dreams and live out their highest purpose. She believes that if you understand the short and long-term impacts of the financial choices you make, you’re better suited to make choices that put you in control of your resources. She helps you discover money flowing out of your control, strategize ways to have more money flowing into your control so that the end result is that you have more money to retain and utilize during your lifetime, and more to pass on to future generations.


Without Giving up Access to Cash