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Increasing Capital and Cashflow in Business – Interview with Dr. Robert Murphy

We Recorded Our First Interview … With an Economist!

Bruce and I added Lucas Marshall, typically behind the scenes producing, directing, editing, and masterminding the launch of The Money Advantage podcast, to the hosting team for a stellar interview with Dr. Robert P. Murphy.

Here’s a little bit about Dr. Murphy:  He’s a prolific author, economist, professor, and yet, speaks in a language we can all understand.  If you’d like to find out more about him in advance, check out his bio and work with the Lara-Murphy Report.

We experienced significant technical challenges getting the recording off the ground, but since when has anything great been undertaken without adversity.  I’m so glad we all hung in there, passed the test of patience and creativity, and captured this great conversation.

We discussed, among many brilliant concepts, how business owners can mitigate cash flow challenges and control their capital.

I’m so excited to share this interview when we launch The Money Advantage podcast very soon!!

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