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Cash Is King: Part 6 – Savings Creates Confidence

Cash Is King - Part 6- Savings Creates Confidence

Savings is what creates confidence in your financial life.  Its presence increases your ability to survive an unknown future, which gives you permission to make other choices from a place of strength and confidence. Budgeting, cutting back, and spending less, while potential strategies that allow you to save more, are not in themselves the hero of financial confidence. Paying off all…

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Cash Is King: Part 5 – Liquidity, Use and Control

Cash Is King - Part 5- Liquidity, Use and Control

“Cash is king” means that cash is the most valuable, preeminent, ideal position to be in. Now we know there’s a lot of “noise” out there about the best thing to do with your money, including paying off debt or putting it into assets, retirement plans, stocks, real estate or your house. Since the bold…

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Cash Is King: Part 2 – Pay Yourself First

Cash Is King - Part 2-Pay Yourself First

Why save money? In today’s low interest rate environment, it can seem like saving is just putting money on the sidelines, where it’s not even holding its value by keeping up with inflation. But saving is the age-old wealth principle of paying yourself first, and it’s the first and most important thing that the successful…

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Cash Is King: Part 1 – Saving vs. Investing

Cash Is King - Part1-Saving vs. Investing

Savings. It’s far from glamorous, sexy, emotional. The storyline is pretty flat – no intrigue, no crisis, no rescue, no cliffhangers. It’s the forgotten hero, the legend of the past that’s become antiquated in our adventure-driven race to never miss out. It seems unnecessary, trivial, and out-of-date. Like wasted energy, money that’s not fulfilling its…

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