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Boss Girl Introduces – Money Advantage

Boss Girl Introduces The Money Advantage

In all the hustle and bustle of doing brand new things, we don’t often realize how much we say and communicate that our kids pick up on. It easily becomes apparent when we see our own actions modeled by the little ones. Here, our daughter not only got in on the excitement of launching a…

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What Is Prosperity Economics? Sneak Peek of Episodes 5 & 6

What is Prosperity Economics-Behind the Scenes

Podcast Launch Coming in 5 … 4 … 3 … We’re gaining momentum, getting ready for The Money Advantage Podcast launch! I have to let you in on another big secret.  When we go live, it will be with a bit of fanfare and a contest where we’ll be giving away … something really awesome!…

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Have You Been Hacked?

Equifax Identity Theft

Is Your Identity Safe After the Equifax Data Breach? It does not matter if you have used Equifax or not.  The reach of the recent Equifax data breach is extensive, including up to 143 million people.  Are you one of them?

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Behind The Scenes – Second Recording Wrap-Up

Second Recording Wrap Up

We’re busy behind the scenes recording episodes, gearing up for the launch of The Money Advantage Podcast! Bruce and I spent another two-hour session in the studio recording Episodes 3 and 4 last week. I’m bubbling over with excitement to get to share it with you soon! It’s almost like we’re creating an amazing present…

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Sneak Peak of our First Podcast Recording

Sneak Peek of our First Podcast Recording

We’ve just recorded the first podcast! Last Wednesday, Bruce and I recorded the first two episodes of The Money Advantage Podcast. We’re so excited to be able to share them with you soon! While we wait for the episode to go live, here’s a behind-the-scenes, sneak peek preview of what we talked about:

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Coming Soon: The Money Advantage Podcast

We are doing something new.  It’s a brand new way to elevate the conversation around money, wealth creation, and financial freedom. We are always looking for ways to increase your clarity and elevate your competence in making great financial decisions. Your goals are so important that we’re willing to make changes to bring you the best…

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