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Cash Is King: Part 2 – Pay Yourself First

Why save money? In today’s low interest rate environment, it can seem like saving is just putting money on the sidelines, where it’s not even holding its value by keeping up with inflation.

But saving is the age-old wealth principle of paying yourself first, and it’s the first and most important thing that the successful make a habit of doing, that unsuccessful people don’t like doing.

We dig into the top 10 big ideas about savings from The Richest Man in Babylon, by George S. Clason.

You’ll learn from this allegory what it means to pay yourself first, why it’s the first step to wealth, and how to put it into action.

Top ten big ideas:

  1. Part of all you earn is yours to keep
  2. Save to get money to work for you
  3. At LEAST 10%
  4. Pay yourself first
  5. Prepare for opportunity
  6. Start now
  7. Don’t just save to spend later
  8. First step to the temple of wealth
  9. Gold likes gold
  10. Highest first


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Rachel empowers her clients to maximize and control their money so that they can accomplish their dreams and live out their highest purpose. She believes that if you understand the short and long-term impacts of the financial choices you make, you’re better suited to make choices that put you in control of your resources. She helps you discover money flowing out of your control, strategize ways to have more money flowing into your control so that the end result is that you have more money to retain and utilize during your lifetime, and more to pass on to future generations.


Without Giving up Access to Cash