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Cash Flow Is the All Season Pass to Your Extraordinary Life

When you’re setting business goals, you know that the first step is to be crystal clear and specific with exactly where you’re going, in order to be able to reverse engineer the benchmarks.  This way, you’ll be able to measure progress and know if you’re going in the right direction, doing the right things in the right order.

The typical financial plan focuses on reaching a certain magic-dollar-figure nest egg in the future, but we believe every good financial system begins with creating cash flow today and living an extraordinary life right here and now, in the present.

For the thinking, rational mind, I’m sure you’re asking why.  Why is a good life today the starting point for a good life tomorrow?  And how does cash flow today create cash flow in the future?  What’s the bridge besides optimism that gets you from Point A to Point B?

I’m so glad you asked!

In planning out your extraordinary life, you want to know that your financial decisions today are leading you to reach economic independence.

You want to know that you can let go of the financial worry and know that you’ll be able to spend your time doing meaningful work that you love, and enjoy the highest quality of life possible with the people you love the most.

In the future?  Absolutely!

And today?  Even better!

Besides, what good is a life that’s waiting to hopefully, maybe, someday live?

If where you’re going is financial freedom, here’s exactly what that means:  It’s a position where you have income from your assets that is greater than your expenses.

Financial freedom is being out of the rat race where you have to trade dollars for hours, and your lifestyle is dependent on you working more hours to earn more money to afford it.

Creating cash flow today is like an all season pass to your extraordinary life, creating a future of financial freedom, because of the chain reaction it creates when you have cash flow and the knowledge of what to do with it.

Here’s the map:

1. Cash Flow 

Cash flow today gives you breathing room to relax and enjoy life.

But the greatest advantage it gives you is options.  Options to choose what to do with your money and how to spend your time, to own your money instead of letting it own you, and to choose your priorities, instead of allowing necessity to dictate them for you.

2. Reserves 

Options give you the ability to build up capital. For example, in the familiar Biblical story of Joseph, he became a leader who discerningly saw Egypt’s seven years of abundance as the opportunity to store away for the impending seven years of famine.

3. Cash-Flowing Assets

Reserves give you the ability to use them as an opportunity fund to purchase and own cash-flowing assets that you know and can control.

Joseph’s wisdom to store a war-chest of grain during plenty allowed Egypt to be the provider of bread to the whole known world during the seven years of scarcity and lack that followed.  Financially, Egypt profited and increased cash flow during the worst years, becoming a storehouse, because they maintained use and control of their resources, and then became the answer that everyone else needed.

Cash flow today gives you the option to build reserves, which allow you to own cash-flowing assets, which produce economic independence.

Building an extraordinary life is like a puzzle.  When all the pieces are strewn across the table before you start connecting them together, you can get overwhelmed by the lack of context for a single piece.  If you’re working on one particular piece and can’t find what to attach it to, you’d set it aside until you’d established the adjacent pieces, and then it would fit right in place.

Similarly, jumping straight to an investing strategy without having a whole working financial system to connect it to is like trying to connect together two pieces from opposite sides of the puzzle without building the space in between that would support them.

Establishing your financial paradigm by deliberately shoring up the inefficiencies and building up reserves gives you a framework to connect your investing strategy to.

Doing the one most important step now opens up the next possibility.

Almost everyone is letting a bunch of money drain out of their pockets unawares, and it ain’t a pretty sight!  Without fixing this foundational area first, all the next steps remain murky and fail to serve you as powerfully as they could.

Increasing cash flow today means improving the efficiency of the dollars you already have and keeping more of your money.  This is the inertia that starts the chain reaction towards financial independence.


To your extraordinary life!


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Rachel empowers her clients to maximize and control their money so that they can accomplish their dreams and live out their highest purpose. She believes that if you understand the short and long-term impacts of the financial choices you make, you’re better suited to make choices that put you in control of your resources. She helps you discover money flowing out of your control, strategize ways to have more money flowing into your control so that the end result is that you have more money to retain and utilize during your lifetime, and more to pass on to future generations.


Without Giving up Access to Cash