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Are You Making This Financial Planning Mistake? It’s Like Riding a Backwards Bicycle.

If you’re like most people, you don’t like what you see in your finances, yet you find it difficult to find trustworthy guidance, seek counsel, make changes, and create what you want in your life.

The reason money is a taboo subject that people defend and hide from view rather than open with transparency, is that money is a magnifier of your soul.

All money decisions stemmed from something much deeper and more internal. Whether we realize it consciously or not, money struggles are a reflection of a personal inner world that is off-balance, and we pretend away and cover up our money issues because we don’t want to bare our soul.

And the reason it’s so difficult to find people who can help you get financially free is that most typical planning doesn’t create true prosperity.

There are two sides of abundance: your inner thought life, and your outer financial life.

And just like two sides of a coin, they are absolutely inseparable.

Your mindset and your money work in tandem to put you on a scarcity cycle or an abundance cycle. And both must be directed towards abundance in order to experience full life wealth.

Wealth starts in your mind.

A mindset of abundance is confidence in your position today and certainty for the future … an overriding, abiding, restful peace.

I don’t have to have money to live with the mindset of abundance, because I can choose peace of mind despite my financial circumstances.

When I’m relaxed and confident, I’m at ease, more fully present and engaged, more curious, creative, alive, and showing up fully in my unique abilities and my core strength. And this allows me to produce more, perform better, and serve more greatly.

And I can give and serve and love profoundly, regardless of how much I have or what I make.

Because dollars follow value, all financial prosperity starts by providing value to others. If I want to create wealth, I have to develop and protect my mindset to think in ways that allow me to give more value to others.

If I’m waiting to be of greatest service to the world until I have enough money, I’m limiting my ability to create the wealth in the first place.

The more I produce, give, serve, and add to the lives of others, the more I expand the world for every person in it, including myself.

So, wealth starts in your mindset, and then shows up in your money.

And on the financial side of the coin, you need to set up your money world to be congruent with creating prosperity and economic freedom … which FURTHER propels a mindset of abundance.

But most of what we are taught to do with money leads to being out of control, losing money, and never experiencing freedom, and this creates a poverty of our thought life. The fear and scarcity in our mindset further perpetuates financial bondage.

Creating wealth requires you to think differently and make different financial choices. To steer your money world towards economic freedom, here’s the direction to point the car:

More of your money is yours to keep

Pay yourself first. You’re used to saving what’s left over, which, for most people isn’t much. And it’s because no one wants to cut back their lifestyle. But while your lifestyle might be common, so are the sneaky little losses that sift through your fingers and cut into what you make before you even have a chance to see them.

It’s things like interest, taxes, and opportunity cost. Because they’re common and you’ve always had them, they go unnoticed and undetected. But every time you lose more than you have to, it’s taking your money out of your control and sabotaging your destiny.

So hunt down the losses and minimize them, direct more money back into your control, and pay yourself first. When you keep more of your money, you take back control of your resources.

Investing wisely is investing actively in what you know and can control

Control of your money gives you the power to choose what to do with it.

The goal is to have your money doing more than one thing, and producing more money. Here again, you can decide to give up control or to maintain control.

Most financial products are passive investments that give the control and the cash flow to the financial institution instead of to you.

To maintain control of your resources, become an active investor who has knowledge and control over the investments you make, knowing how they provide value, how they generate returns, and that you can reap the reward of cash flow from the investment. More than likely, your business is your best investment.

Cash flow is the measure of success in your financial decisions

The measure of the success of an investment is the cash flow it returns, not it’s growth in terms of net worth. When you have cash flowing into your life, you have more that you can keep. You can then invest it in what you know and control.

You get an exponential effect on your money when you have your money doing more than one thing – moving through assets to produce cash flow, not to assets to grow a larger lump sum.

So when you have a personal economy that keeps, controls, and uses your money to multiply itself, you have an ever-increasing cash flow machine.

Because economic freedom starts and ends with cash flow, invest where you get cash flow returns that you can control. This future cash flow gives you certainty.

Certainty is a greater financial value than the potential of gains

Certainty is a guarantee for the future. The economic value of this certainty is that the certainty protects and insures your abundant mindset, which in turn, creates and produces more wealth in your life.

Higher risk may have the potential for higher gains, but it’s also the potential of loss. And having the potential of loss does not give certainty.

Because certainty protects your mindset, shore up every potential liability. Certainty of future cash flow hedges against the risks of stock market volatility, inflation, taxes, longevity risk, and increased propensity to consume.

Most of the financial advice, planning, counsel, and conventional thinking have more money leaking out of your control, invested in areas that give control and cash flow to the financial institutions, and create gigantic uncertainty with openness to risk of loss.

It’s no wonder that following this advice and trying to keep an abundance mindset is like riding a backwards bicycle, because your decisions are opposing your intentions, and vice versa.

So when people struggle in their money and in their mindset, everything points south. Trying to right the ship with mindset alone is like pulling against the tide. And trying to course correct by doing more of what you’re told will further disappoint your hopes of economic independence.

When your personal economy is optimized, it supports a thought life of abundance. When your thought life is optimized, it produces economic prosperity.

Abundant financial choices protect a wealthy mindset, and a wealthy mindset produces more abundant financial choices.

Together, they perpetuate full life wealth.


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Rachel empowers her clients to maximize and control their money so that they can accomplish their dreams and live out their highest purpose. She believes that if you understand the short and long-term impacts of the financial choices you make, you’re better suited to make choices that put you in control of your resources. She helps you discover money flowing out of your control, strategize ways to have more money flowing into your control so that the end result is that you have more money to retain and utilize during your lifetime, and more to pass on to future generations.


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