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Coming Soon: The Money Advantage Podcast

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We are doing something new.  It’s a brand new way to elevate the conversation around money, wealth creation, and financial freedom.

We are always looking for ways to increase your clarity and elevate your competence in making great financial decisions.

Your goals are so important that we’re willing to make changes to bring you the best insights you need.

And that is why we’ve been busy working around the clock (well, not quite), getting ready to bring you …….

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Infinite Banking – How to Get Started with Life Insurance

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Insurance is a tool that transfers your risk due to an unforeseen event to an insurance company.

For example, if you had a high cost regarding your auto, home, etc., the insurance company takes the burden of financial responsibility, instead of you.

In most cases, the coverage is for something an accident, illness, fire, or flood that you hope never happens.  You insure against having to pay for the loss yourself if it occurs.

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Infinite Banking – What Makes Cash Value Life Insurance a Premium Asset?

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When you purchase insurance, you are insuring against a loss.  This is the case for life insurance.  And it’s a correct way to understand life insurance death benefit, which is the portion of any life insurance policy that pays out to your family if you pass away.

But the cash value of a specially designed whole life insurance policy is the often undiscovered and underutilized tool.  It is the portion of your death benefit that you have access to use during your life, better categorized as a living benefit.

It’s this cash value of life insurance that would show up as an asset on your balance sheet, and a premium asset at that.

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Wealth and Worth

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How is my worth and my wealth connected?

Worth is intrinsic to being human.

It doesn’t increase or decrease based on my position in society.

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Infinite Banking – Self-Financing with a Private Reserve

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In this video, I discuss the most effective and efficient way of financing in your personal life or business, whether it be for cars, education, inventory, or to float your business until you collect on your accounts receivable.

Most people recognize the two primary options of paying for major capital purchases: paying cash, or financing.  But there’s another option that allows you to keep your money earning uninterrupted compound interest and leverage against it, never depleting your resources.  I call this self-financing with a private reserve.

When you pay cash, you build up capital first, then deplete your resources down to $0 equity to make the acquisition.  The lost opportunity cost is the interest you could have earned, had you kept your capital.

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