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Wealth and Worth

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How is my worth and my wealth connected?

Worth is intrinsic to being human.

It doesn’t increase or decrease based on my position in society.

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Infinite Banking – Self-Financing with a Private Reserve

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In this video, I discuss the most effective and efficient way of financing in your personal life or business, whether it be for cars, education, inventory, or to float your business until you collect on your accounts receivable.

Most people recognize the two primary options of paying for major capital purchases: paying cash, or financing.  But there’s another option that allows you to keep your money earning uninterrupted compound interest and leverage against it, never depleting your resources.  I call this self-financing with a private reserve.

When you pay cash, you build up capital first, then deplete your resources down to $0 equity to make the acquisition.  The lost opportunity cost is the interest you could have earned, had you kept your capital.

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Cash Flow Awareness Exercise

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The ultimate goal of cash flow awareness is to have more to save each month.  It’s not about cutting back your lifestyle and scrimping.

The ideal position is to save first and spend the rest.

Budgeting is stressful, so people avoid it.

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Infinite Banking – How to Be the Banker

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“Banker” is a label we use to illustrate a person or entity that has capital in their ownership and control, earning income and interest, that they can use via leverage or access for emergencies or opportunities.

Money in your control is money that can work for you and increase your wealth because the ones with the control are the ones who profit.

Many of the status quo financial strategies will have you putting a significant portion of your capital into the control of financial institutions, Wall Street, and the government.

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Cash Is King: Part 8 – What is Specially Designed Life Insurance?

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How can you store your cash in a way that you control it?  The most important attributes you want on an account where you store cash are SAFETY, LIQUIDITY, and GROWTH.

We use a concept called the Private Reserve, built on the Infinite Banking Concept, popularized by Nelson Nash.

You want your money earning UNINTERRUPTED COMPOUND INTEREST.  To do this, you don’t want to deplete your reserves, but to LEVERAGE your reserves as collateral.

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