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About Lucas and Rachel

Lucas Marshall

Lucas Marshall thinks before he talks. He studies before he makes opinions. Fads don’t interest him. He is a facts and figures kind of guy. He’s been in the military, in college, and in business – studying the whole time.

He loves history. History leads you to economics and politics. You can’t avoid it, as economics and politics drive history. Politics drives economics. That’s just the way that it is. Economics is the study of how money flows. For most, it starts in the banks, and ends in the banks. He who controls the banks, controls the flow of money – who has it and where it goes.

Rachel Marshall

Rachel Marshall has studied success and leadership for over twelve years. From her history of four years of ministry, three years in human resource management, and three years building her own business from the ground up, Rachel combines her passion for helping people reach their dreams with the financial savvy to make them happen.

Rachel is a business owner, avid runner, health enthusiast, aspiring author, dreamer, risk taker, high-energy achiever, vibrant communicator, engaging mom to a three-year-old beauty, intentional wife, and interested conversationalist.

Our Story

Marshall’s Insurance and Financial Services began in 2011, providing health insurance to families and businesses.  As they served their clients’ insurance and financial needs over several years, many of whom were business owners, they uncovered the greater need of knowing how to think in order to create true financial independence.  Lucas and Rachel empower their clients to become value creators by applying the principles of abundance in every area of their life.  While most financial advisors covet your dependence, our clients develop the confidence to think for themselves.

Lucas and Rachel Marshall are wealth strategists who teach business owners how to keep, protect, and make more money in their business so they can fulfill their life purpose today, not just in the future.  They expand your potential by challenging the limits of financial dogmas to build a solid foundation of financial knowledge, putting you in control of your resources, and developing your primary investment, which is you!  With certainty for the future and financial control, you will be able to find and take advantage of opportunities to create wealth.      

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